Full-service sales consulting and marketing agency

What We Do

We won’t hand you a pre-built sales process or sell you some out-of-the-box marketing solution that leaves you wondering if your sales and marketing looks the exact same as your competitors. We believe that your brand, your goals, and your customers should be the hero of the story and, in turn, should drive your marketing strategy and sales approach.


Lead Generation

We create content and campaigns that increase website visitors and convert website visitors to marketing leads.



Lead Nurture

We engage leads purposefully with relevant, insightful information to convert them to sales prospects.



Sales Enablement

We provide your sales team
with resources and tools to
close more sales.


How We Do It

We use a variety of digital marketing strategies to create a holistic approach to generating more leads for your business, nurturing marketing leads, and filling your sales pipeline. Services may include:

Lead Generation Services

> Market Research
> Buyer Persona Development
> Buyer Journey Mapping
> Search Engine Optimization
> Search Engine Marketing
> Social Media Marketing
> Social Media Advertising
> Blogging
> Landing Page Development
> Content Creation (eBooks, white papers, checklists, quizzes, and more)

Lead Nurturing Services

> Email Marketing
> Marketing Automation
> Retargeting Advertising
> Landing Page Development
> Content Creation (eBooks, white papers, checklists, quizzes and more)
> Website Conversion Optimization

Sales Enablement Services

> Lead Scoring
> Sales Training Playbooks
> Sales Process Development
> Sales Email Templates
> Sales Content Marketing Cheat Sheets
> Sales Consulting
> Sales Training
> Sales Coaching

Our onboarding process helps our team identify your strategic goals and, in turn, create a strategic road map that outlines the services we will deliver to drive results.

Our onboarding process helps our team identify your strategic goals and, in turn, create a strategic road map that outlines the services we will deliver to drive results.

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We Are

Elite is a team of change catalysts — artists and storytellers, master planners and architects, traffic controllers, and jugglers — who work from laptops, desktops, and smartphones across the country. We’ve intentionally kept our agency a small, intimate team of talented individuals from across the U.S., and we’re selective about the companies we work with. Why? We want to ensure we deliver kick-ass sales and marketing strategies you can be proud of from familiar faces throughout your time working with our team.


Take Their Word For It


“Before partnering with Elite, we struggled to fully understand how our marketing dollars were being spent and how to monitor the results of those efforts. Michelle and her team explain things in a way that is easily understandable and allows us to be more informed about our marketing strategy, marketing spend, and the results generated. The team is always willing to answer questions, explain processes, and explain the results of the campaigns in ways that best benefit our needs.”

- Tara Bitzan

Lakes Area Marketing, Inc.



“Elite has been an amazing partner. Their attention to detail and overall expertise of content marketing strategy and execution is next to none. They really listen to who your brand is and easily adapt your brand voice to their custom content marketing strategy that drives our business steady and qualified leads. They are always willing to partner with any other vendor we have on board for other marketing efforts. They are a true pleasure to have as a part of our Highgate marketing team.”

- Amelia Adkins

Director of Marketing | Highgate Senior Living



“Elite is a powerhouse of super smart, thorough and thoughtful badass women. Michelle and her team have been flexible and quick to shift our changing marketing priorities and take the baton from our last agency who fell very short, with grace and ease. Your expertise and guidance with our website, social plan and HubSpot strategy has been fantastic…I love that you have gathered such an amazing team of Furious Lady Ninjas to our marketing effort and am grateful we have you in our corner.”

- Ashley Swartz

Founder & CEO | Furious Corp.